Albors finalizes the registration of its brand ALBONAT®, protecting the knowledge and the research behind the development of the product.



Albors participates for the third time in his history to the international exhibition EuroTier, which took place from 13th to 16th of November in Hannover. It was a good occasion to meet existing and new partners coming from all over the world and promote our special products ALMITE®, ALBOVIT® and ALBONAT.


The ALBOVIT® range of liquid products is officially registered as a trademark of Albors. We strongly believe in the value of our products and for this reason, we decided to protect their uniqueness in the International market.



In consideration of the large-scale alert caused by Fipronil contamination in eggs for human consumption coming from the Netherlands, Albors wants to reassure all the customers declaring that the product ALMITE® does not contain any trace of chemical pesticides and it is composed only by natural and safe ingredients.


We are proud and glad to announce the 10th Anniversary of Albors since its foundation in 2007. We trust and hope that we can continue on this path of improving our efforts and give our contribution for a better world, with the help of the Lord!



Albors participates for the second time with its own booth to the international exhibition EuroTier, which took place from 15th to 18th of November in Hannover, asserting its position at the world's leading trade fair for animal production.



Albors, invited by Lohmann Animal Nutrition, visiting the German company Silesia, an European leader in flavours production for food and animal feed. In this way Albors confirms  its attitude in wanting to get to know closer its suppliers in the attempt to make a conscious and quality service in the market.

silesia 3



As a demonstration of its determination to make useful the knowledge acquired, and believing strongly in the mission of solving the existing problems in livestock, Albors has completed the registration of its brand ALMITE®, in representation and protection of company projects oriented to control Poultry Red Mite in laying hen flocks .



Albors participates actively as industrial counterpart at the 1st COST CONFERENCE on improving current understanding and research for sustainable control of the Poultry Red Mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) (COREMI) Cost Action FA 1404. The event took place in Foggia (Italy) on 28th of May and it was attended by researchers and technicians from all Europe and Canada. Albors confirms his commitment to bring a qualified and scientific service to fight Dermanyssosis in poultry farms.

cost conference



Albors takes part for the first time with its own booth to the international exhibition EuroTier, which took place from 11th to 14th of November in Hannover, asserting its position at the world's leading trade fair for animal production.



Albors starts distribution in Italy for the L-Carnitin range by Lonza:  Carniking™, Carnipass™, Carnifeed™. Albors is glad to announce that this agreement with Lonza as a further commitment to its customers in supplying the best quality products and optimum service.


Albors and Bioseutica* start a partnership on development of novel feed-additives and animal health products for the Italian market.
*Bioseutica is an integrated, specialty pharmaceutical group dedicated to the development of the highest quality ingredients, using natural, renewable sources for the healthcare, food and feed industries. We are committed to scientific research leading to innovative products and proprietary technologies. Bioseutica focuses on the global supply of the highest quality bioactive proteins, including egg derived proteins, such as lysozyme, avidin or ovotransferrin, pancreatic enzymes and specialty products, food ingredients and feed additives, designed for antibiotic free livestock, such as, poultry and swine. Bioseutica’s manufacturing processes are built on high-end, cutting-edge proprietary technology and allow us to produce ingredients of highest purities in our manufacturing facilities in Canada and Europe.


Albors  takes part as sponsor and with a presentation to the Technical Updating Seminar promoted by ASSOAVI on Dermanyssus gallinae, that took place in Forlì the 16th of april. Thanks to his participation Albors aims to introduce in the poultry community his own knowledge and experience gained over years in the fight against the Poultry Red Mite.


As a warranty for our Quality System we have implemented the GMP+ Certification.


Albors sponsored the Cheerleaders Team "Comets" classified third at the Italian Championship in 2012.