ALMITE® is a new sanitizer specifically developed to defeat the parasitic infestation of Dermanyssus gallinae in poultry flocks. It is a mixture of purified and atomized selected silicates enriched with essential oils. The silicates form a thin persistent film on surfaces, thereby hindering the parasites’ activity. ALMITE® KILLS PHYSICALLY RED MITES ALMITE® exerts as a dehydrating agent blasting the eggs and destroying the external cuticle in the later stages of the red mite. Other components of ALMITE® block the joints of the mites and disable their movement. Moreover, the size of the particles has been selected in such a way that they occlude the respiratory tract of the red mite.

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 ALMITE® Advantages

  • Physical mechanism of action : red mites cannot develop resistance against ALMITE®
  • No suspension time needed
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not dangerous for workers or the birds
  • No veterinary prescription required
  • Natural and safe

 ALMITE® Dosing*

There are different ways of application depending on the type of animal farming. ALMITE® can be used either directly in powder form or in aqueous suspension at the dosage of 15 Kg of ALMITE® in 100 lt of water. In order to spread the product in powder form, a powder dispenser should be used;

  • Use ALMITE® in water suspension and distribute with a sprayer for liquids
  • Dose ALMITE® to ensure a distribution of 30 grams per square meter
  • ** Use ALMITE® in prevention before introducing the animals
  • ALMITE® can be repeated at intervals of every 40-60 days depending on the level of parasite infestation

* : Please follow the advise of our technicians
** : This would guarantee the absence of red mite for several months, provided that the protocol of application and the cleaning operations are done correctly

ALMITE® Application: water suspension

For the use of ALMITE® in water suspension, a constant agitation of the fluid is needed in order to avoid the sedimentation of some particles and mix homogeneously the components. For this purpose, thanks to the cooperation with the partner FASKA, we have developed and are able to offer to our customer an innovative and specific machine for the distribution of ALMITE® in aqueous suspension: FALMITE.

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