ALBORS | Products for the feed industry

Complete range of Vitamins and Pro-vitamins (Beta-carotene, L-Carnitine) for Animal Nutrition Premixes, vitamin blends and more specifically studied blends Wide range of feed additives: Nutraceuticals, pre & Probiotics, Essential Oils, Flavours, Sweeteners, Organic Acids, Colouring Agents, natural as well synthetic, Anti-oxidants (natural and synthetic), Mycotoxin Binders, raw materials.


The Energy Enhancer. L-Carnitine is a nutrient with a key role in energy metabolism, in particular supplying energy from fatty acids. Its efficacy in the improvement of the fertility of monogastric animals is demonstrated since several years. In other species such as sports animals, it is an energy booster whereas in cattle it works as an excellent anti-ketonic agent and protects the liver function.


A range of Organic acids and blends proven to be very efficient in securing feed quality and animal gut health and improve growth performance through influence in the digestive tract.


ANTIOXIDANTS (natural & synthetic)

A range of natural and synthetic antioxidants providing a reliable protection against oxidative spoilage in particular for ingredients that are sensible to oxidation such as carotenoids and vitamins. We offer a mixture of antioxidants studied in order to enhance their efficacy on different ingredients. In powder and in liquid form, synthetic and natural such as plant extracts, tocopherols and rosemary extracts.


Full range of flavours for all animal species, in powder and liquid formulations in order to improve feed taste and assure feed ingestion.



Beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A for all species, but mainly for ruminants. It has shown to be the essential pro-vitamin for enhanced fertility and immunity.



Natural and Synthetic sweeteners with high sweetening capacity (up to 1000 times that of normal sugar) and improve feed intake.




Combinations of natural extracts studied in order to improve gut health, avoid problems linked to inadequate fermentations of the microflora and stimulate the immune system of the animals.


Purified natural mineral silicates with specific binding characteristics. A selection of bentonites with special modification of the mineral surface.


COLOURING AGENTS YELLOW & RED (natural & synthetic)

Natural carotenoids, Yellow xanthophylls from Marigold extract (lutein) and Red xanthophylls from Paprika extract (capsanthin) to control egg yolk colour and skin pigmentation in poultry. Stabilized canthaxanthin in a micronized form to ensure increased pigment absorption and pigment deposition. The primary use of canthaxanthin is in egg yolk and broiler skin pigmentation as well as flesh colouring in aquaculture.




Complete range of single vitamins sourced from approved and certified international manufacturers.




Products that when added to the feed improve the flowability. Anti-Caking Agents based on silicates, natural & synthetic - Substances that can improve the quality of the pelleted feed - Binders.